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The gentle flicker of candlelight produces a lovely ambience that simply cannot be replicated. Lighting a few well-placed candles in your room can really add effect and create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Adding a candle here-and-there will create softness in your room and instantly make it feel warm and welcoming. Do as the Danish... light a bunch of candles for a Hygge lifestyle, Whether you’re lighting candles on a cake or setting a romantic candlelit dinner to celebrate your anniversary with your significant other, candles are a wonderful way to mark celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirement and so much more.


Candles are known for their soothing, healing properties and are often used by therapists, such as massage therapists, to create a peaceful ambience in their therapy rooms. The sheer act of lighting a candle, its lovely flicker and the gentle glow it creates, helps ease and soothe the mind. Give it a try the next time you have a stressful day: light a candle, watch the flame and just breathe for a few minutes - even just 60 seconds can make a big difference.

Candles make perfect gifts and a nice treat to yourself! Our beautifully packaged, strong scented candles are hand-poured into a recyclable square glass container and are made using the maximum ratio of fragrance oil for the best scent throw. Our home scents make great gifts, unique housewarming and thank you gifts. Provide a spa-like retreat, Candles are a stylish way to add the finishing touch to any room. Our candles are very versatile, come in a variety of styles and look great in every room. Candles at the centrepiece of your dining room table keep romantic candlelit dinners within arms reach, and kitchen candles spark the atmosphere where we gather most often and can kill odours. Use candles outdoors on your patio, porch, deck and in your garden to create a magical, whimsical escape.

Candles directly correspond with the element of fire, which is vital to feng shui.  At HOUSE OF BUCKLEY, we can scent your special event/day, contact us to find out more...

Scented candles are a perfect way to subtly add a wonderful fragrance to your space, and cover-up unwelcome odours. We have a wide variety of scented candles available for purchase in a number of fragrance types: everything from fruity to herbal & earthy to airy &  clean, from woodsy to floral.

Add scent without the soot: our candles are soot free, non-toxic, burn clean, and last much longer than traditional paraffin which produces black soot and releases toxic carcinogens into the air. 

Burning candles can be beneficial to your health. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is self-care and taking care of your mind: lighting candles can provide the perfect atmosphere to induce calm and a sense of well-being. If you ever feel enveloped by fear or feel anxious, burning candles can help with anxiety. 

Lighting candles during meditation is a wonderful way to support your practice. There are many visualization exercises and manifestation techniques that involve focusing on the flame of a burning candle while sending your intentions into the universe. Candles are also used during prayer.

Our sense of smell is strongly tied with memory, so we often associate a specific scent with a moment or memory. One of the joys of selling candles is when our customers share memories as they smell our fragrances.

A couple of our favourites are:

  • After smelling Cuban Tobacco & Oak a woman said it reminded her of the tobacco leaves hanging to dry in the shed on her grandparents’ farm where she would spend her summers as a child. 

  • I had a lady cry (happy tears) when she smelt Sea Salt and Driftwood as it reminded her of growing up living by the ocean in California

  • A couple were reminded of their favourite trip to Thailand when they smelt Lemongrass and Ginger


Not only can candles trigger specific memories, they can also be used in remembrance of loved ones we’ve lost. Our communities hold candlelight vigils to show support for specific causes. Many churches have tables where you can light a candle for a loved one. At our upcoming wedding, we’re going to have a candle burning in memory of those who can’t be there with us.  

Keep that spark alive in your relationship with a little candlelight: turn any dinner into a romantic, candlelit moment. Always keep candles on your nightstands; when the mood strikes, light it and turn up the heat - nothing enhances the moment quite like some soft lighting.

Just like everyone has different tastes in fashion and music, everyone has particular fragrance preferences and everybody smells scents differently. Show off your individuality and personality by burning the scents that you love. And just like your style choices, never feel insecure about what you like. Embrace it! You do you. And if someone else doesn’t like your Rose candle, that doesn’t make it a bad scent. We love running our Scent Blending and Candle Making Workshops, it is always exciting for us to smell your creations, you can book your own place via this website, they take place at our store in Hackney London.

You don’t have to leave your candles behind when you travel: take all these benefits on the road with you. Pack our travel candles and turn any space, anywhere in the world, into your own personal sanctuary. Feel at home anywhere with your favourite scent burning.

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