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This time two years ago I had just tragically lost my partner of 26 is not the length of time we are on this earth, its the impact and legacy we leave, together we created two of the most amazing human beings that are strong, resilient and more importantly caring and kind. Three months after his death I was made redundant. sometimes in life we have no other option but to start a new chapter, the first lesson I learnt is to be grateful...for memories and also what I did have....gratitude for my children, my family and friends. During this difficult time I found so much solace and therapy in scents, I would light a candle, watch the flame flickering and, take a moment to reflect and inhale the calming aroma...I trained and began making candles using mindful methods, love and good energy, this and sourcing the best quality cruelty free ingredients, House of Buckley was born. I have learnt and created every aspect of House of Buckley from building the website, branding, PR to marketing, you certainly gain a-lot of new skills starting your own business... I have met some amazing new people in the last two years, people I now regard as friends who have given me advice and support (you all know who you are 😘) I just wanted to take a moment to reflect and thank all my customers in the last year, getting your positive feedback brings me so much joy. I am still building my dream business and I am currently working on ways profits from House of Buckley can support others going through I hope you will all continue to enjoy our home fragrances while together support grieving families..... Always and Forever... “Handmade with Love in Hackney” 💚💕

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